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My Top 10 Girl Crushes
4 June

It’s no secret that first lady Michelle Obama and Beyonce sincerely admire one another. In April, Bey wrote a loving

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My Mom Kicks Butt
13 May

Every girl thinks her mom is the best and I am no exception. She’s always been my role model and

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From Bed, Bath & Beyond to Babies ‘R Us
26 April

Today when I logged onto Facebook, the first five pictures on my newsfeed were of my friends’ babies. Now, I

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Happy Birthday, Lil’ Sis!
10 April

Twenty-one years ago today, my life changed forever, for the better. I was introduced to my little sister–the peanut butter

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40 Days without Cupcakes
8 April

Even though I wasn’t raised Catholic, I’ve attend Catholic schools my entire life, from kindergarten to college. As a result,

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The Best Macaroni and Cheese I Ever Ate
3 April

Inspired by Food Network’s “The Best Thing I Ever Ate” series, I’ve decided to compile a short list of the

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‘Hot or Not?’ YouTube Videos: Stop the Madness!
6 March

While browsing CNN to catch up on the latest headlines as I’m apt to do during my lunch break, I

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A Piece of My Childhood Just Died
3 March

When I heard about the death of Berenstain Bears co-creator Jan Berenstain earlier this week, my heart sank a little

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Celebrating 30 Years of Service
27 February

My sister and I practically grew up in our dad’s fire station. We’d stop by after school sometimes, before going

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Gone Too Soon
12 February

I’ve always felt slightly weird mourning celebrities. It’s not as though I know them personally and they definitely don’t know

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I Miss Talking to Old People
11 February

At 24, I never thought wouldn’t have any living grandparents. Call me crazy, but I fully expected my grandparents to

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25 Things to Do Before Turning 25
2 February

This week I read not one, not two, but three “Such-and-such Things to Do Before Turning Such-and-such Age” lists. For

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Inspiration in Unexpected Places
12 January

A tropical sunset. A graceful dance. A 140-character tweet. Yes, inspiration–and, for that matter, motivation–can be found in unexpected places,

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Dealing with Grief During the Holidays
24 December

The loss of a loved one is painful anytime of the year, but it is especially poignant during the holidays–a

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