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Saying ‘No’ to Others and ‘Yes’ to Myself
20 December

In 2016, I vow to prioritize myself, my needs and my happiness.

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Why the Gratitude Journal is My New Favorite App
24 November

Learning to enjoy the moment instead of constantly looking ahead.

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So…You Want to Start a Blog?
14 October

A beginner’s guide to blogging basics.

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‘I Want That, Why Not Me?’ The Trials & Tribulations of Facebook Envy
20 September

All that glitters is not gold when it comes to social media.

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How I Learned to Love My Brown Skin
17 September

Growing up as an awkward Black girl isn’t easy.

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What Will Your Legacy Be?
26 August

Life is too short and can be over in an instant. What do you want your legacy to be?

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No, Being Busy Doesn’t Make You Better
9 August

Being busy isn’t necessarily a badge of honor.

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Why My Sister is My Best Friend
29 July

There’s nothing like the bond between sisters who become BFFs.

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The #QuarterLifeCrisis: 8 Things I Wish I Knew When I Was 25
17 July

These are the lessons I wish I knew when I was going through my quarter-life crisis.

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The Newlywed Chronicles – Is “Newlywed 15” a Thing?
16 July

Sure you’ve heard about the “Freshman 15,” but is “love weight” really a thing?

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5 Expert Tricks for Staying Relaxed on Your Wedding Day
22 June

There’s no denying that weddings can bring out the best in people (QT with your favorite ladies) and the worst

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3 Expert Tips to Discovering Your Superpower (and Yes, You Have One)
17 June

Between logging long hours at the office and honing your side hustle, there’s no doubt you’re a #GirlBoss. But what’s

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This Woman Will Make You Want to Brush Up on Your Sewing Skills
8 June

You’re never too young to make a fashion statement — at least, this is the style philosophy of Brooklyn-based fashion

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5 Lessons for the Class of 2015
18 May

It’s May, which means Commencement Season is upon us. In fact, first lady Michelle Obama and actor Denzel Washington have

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The Newlywed Chronicles – What’s in a Name?
15 May

What’s in a new last name? Beyonce Knowles-Carter. Kim Kardashian West. Kandi Burruss Tucker. Back when our mothers got married,

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