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It’s Okay Not to Be Okay
18 June

Recently, I attended Black Girl in Om’s Self-Care Sunday and words cannot describe how wonderful it felt to be surrounded

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No Obstacles, Only Opportunities
14 June

During a recent meeting with the CEO of a local nonprofit for women, I asked her what was the biggest

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An Angry Black Woman’s Guide to Self-Care
25 April

I’m no stranger to being “the only chocolate chip in the cookie,” as my mom would say. In high school,

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Advice to My Younger Self
19 April

At a recent panel I was on, the moderator asked the panelists to share advice with the college students in

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Done is Better Than Perfect
12 April

After four months of concepts, mockups, designs and redesigns my new website is FINALLY live, y’all! Huzzah! Allow me to

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2016: A Year in Review
30 December

It’s been a long time. I shouldn’t have left you, without a dope post to read to (Timbaland voice). If

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Ways to Give Back After the Election
21 November

If you’re still feeling hopeless, distraught and all-around confuzzled after this year’s election, you’re not alone. While I know in

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We Gon’ Be Alright
12 November

This week was rough, to say the least. I went to sleep on Election Day around midnight with hope that

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Why I’m With Her
5 November

Up until 2008, I’d been pretty passive in regards to politics. The only reason I took A.P. U.S. Government in

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An Open Letter to AKIRA
13 October

Dear AKIRA, As a loyal customer for several years, I was troubled when I opened your latest newsletter and read a

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I’m Not Wonder Woman … and That’s Okay
7 October

What the !@$# is wrong with me? Seriously! I have a wonderful husband who loves and adores me; a supportive

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Why We Need to Talk About Tiarah Poyau
10 September

We’ve all been there — walking down the street, minding your own business when out of the blue you receive

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Why Representation Matters
19 August

As the 2016 Summer Olympics come to a close, I can’t help but feel like this has been the Blackest

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A Friendly Reminder to Stay In Your Lane
11 August

As a Maryland girl through and through, I’ve been rooting for Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympian of all time,

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How 2016 Became My Blackest Year Yet
22 July

You wouldn’t know it judging by my recent #BlackLivesMatter and #BlackGirlMagic Facebook posts and tweets, but there was a time

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