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Three Tips to Slay Your Headshots
5 July

Recently a good friend asked me what to wear for her headshots and I immediately empathized. It’s the age-old question

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#GirlBOSS: Karissa Lindsay of A Leap of Style
28 September

How would you describe your personal style? Whether it’s a steady rotation of sheath dresses (me!) or a power pantsuit (what’s

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Why I’m Choosing My Career Over Motherhood … For Now
21 June

Back in college, I had my life planned out… or so I thought. Graduate and get a kick-ass magazine editor

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#GirlBOSS: Charreah Jackson, Founder of Boss Bride
4 May

As the founder of BossBride.com, a resource for women at the intersection of love and career, and the lifestyles and

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#GirlBOSS: Alanna Walls of Polished Girlz
13 April

At 15 year old, Alanna Walls, founder and CEO of Polished Girlz, is the epitome of a #GirlBOSS. Alanna started

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There’s No Shame in a 9-to-5
29 March

In a world saturated by full-time bloggers, branding coaches and “infopreneurs,” it’s easy to think you’re doing something wrong if

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Danielle Pinnock, creator of Body/Courage
#GirlBOSS: Danielle Pinnock, Creator of ‘Body/Courage’
3 February

Some entertainers simply perform. Others touch your heart and soul. When I first saw Chicago playwright and actress Danielle Pinnock

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#GirlBOSS: Hosts of Joblogues
2 December

Joymarie Parker and Cortney Cleveland, hosts of the Joblogues podcast, share career advice.

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How to Balance a Full-Time Job and Your #SideHustle
10 November

Yes, you can have a side hustle and keep your sanity, too.

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#GirlBOSS: Brittiney Jones of Chicago Youth Opportunities Initiative
30 August

This month’s #GirlBOSS feature spotlights Brittiney Jones, founder of Chicago Youth Opportunities Initiative.

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#GirlBOSS: Neosha Gardner of CreateHER Stock
5 August

This month’s #GirlBOSS feature profiles Neosha Latrice, founder of CreateHER Stock, a free photo resource for creatives of color.

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How to Pursue Your Passion With a Purpose
22 July

These three steps will push you closer to your dream job.

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#GirlBOSS: The Founders of Young, Ambitious & Beautiful
1 July

Welcome to #GirlBOSS, a new monthly series where I introduce you to women you need to know. For our first

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