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Three Tips to Slay Your Headshots

  5.07.2017   Career   4 Comments

Recently a good friend asked me what to wear for her headshots and I immediately empathized. It’s the age-old question every professional woman faces at least once in her career

It’s Okay Not to Be Okay

  18.06.2017   Life   4 Comments

Recently, I attended Black Girl in Om’s Self-Care Sunday and words cannot describe how wonderful it felt to be surrounded by women of color at various stages of our wellness

No Obstacles, Only Opportunities

  14.06.2017   Life   1 Comment

During a recent meeting with the CEO of a local nonprofit for women, I asked her what was the biggest obstacle she had to overcome in her career and how

An Angry Black Woman’s Guide to Self-Care

  25.04.2017   Life   4 Comments

I’m no stranger to being “the only chocolate chip in the cookie,” as my mom would say. In high school, I was one of two Black girls in my graduating

Advice to My Younger Self

  19.04.2017   Life   2 Comments

At a recent panel I was on, the moderator asked the panelists to share advice with the college students in the audience. Essentially she was asking “what advice would you

Done is Better Than Perfect

  12.04.2017   Life   4 Comments

After four months of concepts, mockups, designs and redesigns my new website is FINALLY live, y’all! Huzzah! Allow me to reintroduce myself … my name is HOV. H to the

Why My Sister is My Best Friend

  10.04.2017   Family   No comments

Whenever girlfriends of mine would proclaim before marching down the aisle that they were marrying their best friends, I’d gush and smile — but I couldn’t exactly relate. You see,

How My Blogging Besties Keep Me Grounded

  5.04.2017   Friends   No comments

When I first read Rep. Maxine Water’s quote about being a strong Black woman, I wanted to stand up and give her a slow clap thousands of miles away in

2016: A Year in Review

  30.12.2016   Life   No comments

It’s been a long time. I shouldn’t have left you, without a dope post to read to (Timbaland voice). If you’re reading this post sometime in the distance future, that

Ways to Give Back After the Election

  21.11.2016   Life   No comments

If you’re still feeling hopeless, distraught and all-around confuzzled after this year’s election, you’re not alone. While I know in my heart of hearts that we’re going to be alright,

We Gon’ Be Alright

  12.11.2016   Life   No comments

This week was rough, to say the least. I went to sleep on Election Day around midnight with hope that the numbers would turn around and I woke up the

Why I’m With Her

  5.11.2016   Life   No comments

Up until 2008, I’d been pretty passive in regards to politics. The only reason I took A.P. U.S. Government in high school was for college applications. And when my former

An Open Letter to AKIRA

  13.10.2016   Life   2 Comments

Dear AKIRA, As a loyal customer for several years, I was troubled when I opened your latest newsletter and read a caption making light of Kim Kardashian’s recent robbery in Paris. Poking

I’m Not Wonder Woman … and That’s Okay

  7.10.2016   Life   2 Comments

What the !@$# is wrong with me? Seriously! I have a wonderful husband who loves and adores me; a supportive family; encouraging friends; a successful career and my health. What

#GirlBOSS: Karissa Lindsay of A Leap of Style

  28.09.2016   #GirlBOSS   No comments

How would you describe your personal style? Whether it’s a steady rotation of sheath dresses (me!) or a power pantsuit (what’s up, Hillary?), what you wear says a LOT about you.